Our purpose

WHY Dathappy exists

Because every tech company should have a better impact strategy to improve our society and environment and every purpose-driven organization should be able to embrace the Digital Economy when it is relevant to boost their impact.

Indeed, too many impact-driven organizations are lacking Digital and Data skills, or are not even aware of how they can serve their purpose because it is often seen as too expensive or detached from the organization's goals.

Moreover, the Digital Economy is offering opportunities but many communities are not able to seize them yet.

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HOW do we aim to impact the world

Being a hub promoting Digital & Data to serve impact goals, we bring you on a journey to better understand the Digital Economy and its opportunities before helping you to frame an action plan and find the relevant partners / skills to make it happen.

Being community-driven and always focusing on human-centered-design, you will be part of a group of peers going through similar challenges helping us to always adapt the content, approaches and methodologies we use to unleash your opportunities

WHAT actions do we take to make it happen

We build content, events, workshops, digital journeys and training to support the inspiration and strategic action plan you can later use to connect with our experts and achieve your goals.


Our history

Starting from Yoann's experiences as a Data Scientist consultant and work in a 30,000 employees company being under Digital transformation, including the first Data Science / Artificial Intelligence projects combined with various innovations in the Digital to boost productivity and performance, Dathappy was born to leverage Digital skills to boost the impact of organizations having a strong purpose but not having yet embraced the Digital Economy.

Dathappy has been working for more than 3 years as an agency, providing consulting services in a one-way marketplace model (it means we had a pool of freelancers being part of the teams we gave to clients).

With COVID and other internal decisions, we decided to explore other ways of working together and to bring value to purpose-driven organizations and individuals, starting more with a cooperative approach to co-create before pivoting our business.

In mid-2021, Dathappy is entering a new business model, focusing on content and Digital journeys accessible to many before connecting to the relevant experts for longer missions, once the actionable steps are defined.

You can learn more with our legacy website, showing our agency work, our use cases and more.


  • 20+ organizations supported with Digital/Data projects
  • 30 juniors gigers / freelancers empowered and upskilled in our missions
  • 300+ people inspired by various events

Check our case studies to discover the kind of impact projects we did.

And now we are pivoting our model to scale it further!

We started in Singapore but we are global by essence and from the beginning. You can find it in our past team, clients and freelancers (Singapore, France, Sudan, Nigeria, Cambodia, etc.)


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