We unlock the potential of people
in need of Digital Competence, 
particularly the less-privileged ones,

So they can achieve great things!

To play actively your part in our societies, Digital is not just nice to have. 

It is an essential Competence you need to master to find a job, interact with public institutions, work, be efficient, communicate, collaborate and solve the problems of our time.

During the coming decade, 9 in 10 jobs will require Digital Competence.

But the majority of our citizens and teammates are not currently at ease with technologies and Digital.

We need to change that now, ensuring everyone can leverage Digital when they need it, to find jobs, create and manage projects... be active citizens.

And for the ones who want to go further and become Digital specialists,
there are 85 million jobs need to be filled by someone like you by 2030.
(with us, you have a more than a tech skill, and this is what we need in the future)

Digital and Dathappy share the same traits,

we are enablers.

We embrace various principles as a 3-Zeros world (Zero Poverty, Zero Unemployment, and Zero Net Carbon Emission), the triple-bottom-line and Sustainable Development Goals to be a contributor to a better society for all and to build within the planet's boundaries.

🤝 If you have common goals and you would like to become a partner, contact us. It is always better to co-create with like-minded people and organizations. 🤝