Discover Dathappy in 30s

We co-create a better future, 

combining the power
Of purpose, DIGITAL and Data


No more complex approach to solve your Digital and Data challenges.
In a month, we deliver high value to your organizations, empowering Enthusiasts from less-privileged communities. 

And you know what? It is really affordable   (starting at 1.9k USD)


Help your management team develop the relevant strategies to embrace the Digital Economy

Data & TECH

Take better informed-decisions and innovate developing the relevant projects and products

Visualizations, Analysis, Dashboarding, Data Science, AI

Talent sourcing

Our talented consultants from diverse backgrounds can complete perfectly your teams

AI developers, Data Scientists, UX Designers, BI architects


Engage your employees, unlocking their potential with the skills of future

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We reveal and nurture your existing impact and 
ambition to transition to a more innovative & sustainable
business through our
Impact Strategy, Measurement & Storytelling

We accelerate purpose-driven organizations´ innovation & growth
making sure they embrace the Data Economy

We use those projects to generate decent jobs and learning opportunities for all 

#GigEconomy #PaidMissions  #UpSkilling

We admire people working towards a better world for all of us

#Humankind #People  #Inclusion

We believe in people helping to build a
more sustainable world

#Sustainability #Environment  #Planet

This is why our goal is to help all those
social innovators, believers, entrepreneurs and friends
to better use the technology,
especially the incredible resource Data has become to innovate and change the world.

We make it accessible and affordable, co-creating the relevant solutions for you

So you can focus on what matters

#Partners #Trust  #Impact

And we can offer jobs and training to less privileged communities in Cambodia, Nigeria, Myanmar but also people that are too often excluded, as people with other abilities, in reinsertion, single parents, etc.

“After a masterclass on 'how Data could help Cyber Security start-ups',

we engaged on value-driven workshops with Dathappy to envision our AI strategy.

Having a Chief AI Officier as a service is a perfect way to kick-start our journey.” 

—  Stefan, GuardRails CEO


Our partners

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Farm Me Up
Conjunct Consulting & Tote Board
The next can be yours

They trusted us

Events & Media featuring


May 19

Featured by Tribe Theory media about our Data for Social Good entrepreneurial journey.


Mar 19

The Singapore International Foundation invited us to talk about Big Data - Big Impact.


Apr 19

Startup of the week from the vibrant French Tech community in Singapore having 300+ entrepreneurs

Meet The Team

Yoann FOL

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I am the founder and CEO of Dathappy and simply on a mission to solve the Sustainable Development Goals as fast as we can combining technology and social innovation

Tunde Vizsnyai

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My job as Operations Manager is to make our internal processes efficient and to make sure we deliver our promises in the best quality.

Charlotte Castelnau

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I focus on making the Dathappy app as efficient and user-friendly as possible.

I am an IT engineer, worked in finance for many years and now I want a taste of the startup world.

Tamunotonye Harry

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I'm a social media manager turned data analyst who loves using data to create infographics/visualizations and with digital marketing knowledge, I communicate better with a large audience. 



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This studio also created the 2 ecosystem, in which Dathappy contributes through profit redistribution and services at a discounted price. This movement unleashes people's impact, helping individuals to build gloCal sustainable solutions in collaboration with the organizations' members.