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Why Dathappy?

We are building win-win-win projects.
We fit your timeline, budget, and ambitions. In parallel, we empower enthusiasts who need real-life project experience, while our experts ensure quality. 

You grow, they grow, we grow!

Our global community of data experts and learners are specifically recruited for impact-driven team projects, their commitment is guaranteed.

Step by step journey

we transform your questions into data science projects and guide you through the data transformation one step at a time.

Our pricing is tailored to impact-driven organizations' and SMEs' needs. Our unique business model makes data-science affordable for all.

What kind of projects can you have?

Here's a sample of ideas what data can do for you:

Data storytelling

People love stories, stories engage us like nothing else.
Data-driven storytelling allows you to demonstrate your impact with more color and tangible proof, to translate your key insights and influence your key stakeholders.

Real-time insights

A well-designed dashboard is like a canvas that lets you monitor what is happening at your business through real-time visual highlights. It saves you significant time, and fundamentally changes how your organization makes decisions.

Better product with AI

Artificial Intelligence is no longer the privilege of large corporates. It can help you to personalize customer experience, build better products, provide predictive analysis and automate tasks. Define your business need and leave the rest for us!

How to start your journey?

The data transformation can seem overwhelming. Don't worry, just take one step at a time.

Express your needs with your own words

Proof of Concept -

1 month

Proof of Value -

up to 3 months

We understand your current needs and transform them into a data science project. We recruit a team for you.

We find a simple use case based on your priorities. We use this project to deliver actionable insights, educate you and test our partnership.

To accelerate the adoption of Data Science at your organization, we deliver a highly valuable project to showcase the story internally.

Partnership -
long-term projects

We fit your timeline, budget, resources, and ambitions. We offer learning opportunities  to our community by working on your growth.

Are you ready to take the first step?