learning programme

The Dathappy learning programme is a up to 6 months guided programme which provides practical learning and experience solving data analytics cases in the social impact sector, servicing organisations that create social impact in any form.
At the end of the programme, learners will be industry ready, being specialists with a track record of completed projects and demonstrated knowledge, applicable in any workplace.  
If you are looking for an introduction programme to discover how to talk Data, what are the different opportunies Data can offer to YOU, check our Data literacy programme, a personalised "Data" Career coaching.

How to kick-start your learning journey ?

The experiential journey begins with your engagement on a project you like, what we could call a gig in the modern economy. This first team project will give you the keys for more !

Indeed, once you engaged yourself on a project, the mentoring and coaching can begin. In the meanwhile, you can connect, ask and share to any other members of the community.

Based on the project needs, you could learn on the job different specialisations (Data Analyst, Data Engineer, Machine Learning Engineer, Data Scientist generalist).

Not sure yet about which specialisation fits you best? Then, explore our Data career coaching programme before enrolling in a specialisation.

We offer different kind of time involvement (intense, weekends only, certain amount of hours a week, etc.) as each project has its requirements.

Below is a sample of gigs you could work on if you decide to join us.


This foundation working in Thailand and Indonesia is protecting our precious Coral. 
However, to do so, they rely on donations and they need Data Analytics to better understand and visualize the key factors of donations during the last years.

Open Development Cambodia

Open Development Cambodia is an incredible NGO based in Phnom-Penh. They are gathering a lot of public Data but they need support to tell stories with Data visualisation for example. Support them, working on their census or agricultural Data to build the visualization tools that will be pushed online to the community could be your mission.


A social enterprise empowering people from all abilities is building a Skills Marketplace featuring People with Disabilities (PwD) & Caregivers. But to better monitor, and understand the users of their tools, they need the support of Data specialists.

Open Data analysis about PwD in Singapore and other countries will also be really valuable to decide of the future strategic partners.

Fair Farm

Fair Farm is on organic Kampot farm growing social products. Indeed, they take a special care of their seeds but also the people who is working with them.

They need your help to reach the next step with automatic Data collection and Dashboards to better monitor and take decisions from anywhere.

An easy process

Learn more about it with our blog posts

Key features

* Online, at your pace with physical gatherings when possible

* Real life projects with other learners and experts for purpose-driven organizations - min 250h

* 1 to 1 mentoring (1h weekly)

* Recognised  professional certification preparation (+discount)

* Community of learners / experts

PRICE : *2990 USD

* In our fight against inequalities, we support particularly women, people with disabilities, low income families, people in reinsertion, etc. In other words, anyone far from employment in the tech industry.
So if you need help to pay for the learning programme, we have some important payment flexibility (pay what you can now, the rest only when you have secured a job, free certification exam, more mentoring)

If you are in this situation, please  let us know as we are devoted to support your journey and change your life.

It is now time to take your first step forward...

Ready to open new doors?

You are just a form away form the learning on the job chance.

We will contact you back to organize a 15min call to discuss and present open projects.

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