Data literacy programme

Data is everywhere, and as English in international context, you should be able to talk Data to anyone whatever is your role.
It does not mean you should be a specialist in this domain, but as an entrepreneur, manager, employee, volunteer or a job seeker, it is becoming more and more important for your next career steps.
"Data literacy is the ability to read, understand, create and communicate data as information"
If you already have a general knowledge about Data Analytics and you are looking to make a career change, becoming a Data specialist, check our Learning on the job programme, an innovative experiential learning.

A personalised coaching

Discover how Data can empower your current situation by subscribing to our deep human experience. Your coach will guide you to have a fully personalised experience and unleash the power of Data in your situation (unemployed, manager, entrepreneur, volunteer, student, etc.).

You just have to subscribe monthly (no plans) to unlock 4 sessions a month (weekly), gain access to the community and contents while having hands-on practices to manipulate, read and talk basic Data. 

  • Discuss your next career opportunities with your coach

  • Build a general knowledge on the domain

  • Understand the key roles and steps of Data Science and AI projects

  • Hands-on practice to have the basic Data analysis and visualisation skills

  • Connect with other learners and experts in our community

  • Wherever you are, we are there for you (fully remote)

It has been proven that high performers are Data literate. Seize the opportunity and open new career opportunities today. This programme will help you to navigate the ecosystem and you could, later on, enrol into a specialisation track if you wish a career shift.

If your wish list is involving one or multiple elements below, the likelihood this programme fits you well is high! 

  • Better understand the hype around Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence (what it is, what it can do or not in my domain of expertise)

  • Make my job easier with Data Analytics (quick analysis and automation)

  • Make myself marketable through acquiring useful skills (a skill for life)

  • Opening alternate career paths (better understanding of career possibilities while having the basics)

Key features

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