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Online data analysis courses rarely offer the opportunity to practice your skills in real-life with a client. Without those initial experiences, it's difficult to move forward with your data analyst career.

At Dathappy, we connect you with a community of like-minded individuals and purpose-driven organizations to create meaningful projects, grow and learn together.

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What kind of projects can you work on ?

Below is a sample of gigs we are currently working on. To read about our past projects, click here.


This foundation works in Thailand and Indonesia to protect our precious Coral. 
However, to do so, they rely on donations and they need Data Analytics to better understand and visualize the key factors of donations from the last years.

Open Development Cambodia

Open Development Cambodia is an incredible NGO based in Phnom-Penh. They are gathering a lot of public Data but they need support to tell stories with Data visualization for example. We support them, by working on their census or agricultural Data to build the visualization tools which will be pushed online to the community.


A social enterprise empowering people with disabilities is building a Skills Marketplace featuring People with Disabilities (PwD) & Caregivers. In order to better monitor, and understand the users of their tools, they need the support of Data specialists.

Open Data analysis about PwD in Singapore and other countries will also be really valuable to decide on the future strategic partners.

Fair Farm

Fair Farm is on organic Kampot farm growing social products. Indeed, they take special care of their seeds and also the people who are working with them.

They need our help to reach the next step with automatic Data collection and Dashboards, to better monitor and take decisions from anywhere.

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