We are on a mission to bring professional Data Science services to all purpose-driven organizations

empowering people around the globe that have less opportunities


#co-creation #impact-driven #noOneLeftBehind #noBorder


Because innovation and growth generated through Data Science projects should be accessible to the changemakers shaping a better world and not only profit-driven large corporations

Because the job opportunities are incredible in the Data economy but some communities do not have access to those. Let's open opportunities to all with an inclusive gig economy

We have experience, we are committed to quality

Founded by an experimented Data Scientist who

studied the field combined to Sociology,

was teaching in a French University,

was a consultant for multiple organizations,

was the first Data Scientist of a 30,000 employees corporation,

and most importantly,

is committed to impacting, value-driven and qualitative services to all


Our team is global, so as Dathappy's services and opportunities

Our Hungarian operations master based in Singapore makes sure we get things done, while our French product queen based in Brazil ensures we deliver a great experience to our users. Our Nigerian community maestro animates the global community of Dathappy heroes with smiles, while our incredible developer based in Sweden allows us to quickly bring all of that at scale. A perfect team to grow our Social Enterprise.

We believe in a sustainable and positive change. A business for good model is perfect as our profit is distributed along our collaborators while supporting our day to day impact.
Learn more about social businesses here.

A funny story, as humankind has no border, our founder does not have any home, moving his 40L backpack where business development and partnerships opportunities are making sense. Never hesitate to ask him for lunch, a coffee or a call to talk about social innovation and technology with him, he loves it ;) He just has difficulty as a global citizen to answer the typical "where are you from" question.

Follow him on LinkedIn to check his impact stories and posts.


We are experienced, we are positive, we are committed, we are impact-driven, we are inclusive...



Our impact in action:

 🌱 🌱 🌱

A group of volunteers from Singapore sharpening their skills by helping an organic farm in Cambodia to better monitor and predict their production

 👵🏻 👵🏻 👵🏻

A learner in Singapore supporting a local Social Enterprise to measure the effectiveness of their program on seniors having dementia through survey analysis


A group of 4 paid learners from Nigeria having the opportunity to work on a startup project based in Singapore/Thailand on Machine Learning topics


More than gigs, an inclusive community of like-minded people ready to change the world, one project at a time

“After a masterclass on 'how Data could help Cyber Security start-ups',

we engaged on value-driven workshops with Dathappy to envision our AI strategy.

Having a Chief AI Officier as a service is a perfect way to kick-start our journey.” 

—  Stefan, GuardRails CEO



Events & Media featuring


May 19

Featured by Tribe Theory media about our Data for Social Good entrepreneurial journey.


Mar 19

The Singapore International Foundation invited us to talk about Big Data - Big Impact.


Apr 19

Startup of the week from the vibrant French Tech community in Singapore




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